Thursday, 26 July 2007

1-Click Award

Want to know how a mouse cursor works? Here's something interesting, check it out:

Try moving your cursor around in any direction, move it continuously then stop suddenly, and also try clicking you mouse! I laughed a lot when I saw this this website, hahaha... Oh, and in case you don't know Japanese, all of the men will be shouting out the direction they're supposed to go to whenever you move your mouse, like "FRONT FRONT!", "BACK BACK!", "RIGHT RIGHT!", and "LEFT LEFT!" ...not so sure whether they're also saying "DIAGONAL DIAGONAL!", that one I couldn't hear well, hehe...

Edit: after playing around with it more, now I'm quite sure that they said "DIAGONAL", too XD

It may get rather noisy... so if you don't want to wake up your neighbours, do lower down the volume XD

Thanks Nas for sharing this! ^_^


[ene] said...

I'm more morally upright now, cos you taught me how to bully a bunch of oji-sans, haha~! XDXD

Listya said...

ene - ...great, now you make me feel more guilty... Sumimasen, oji-san tachi... -_-;
Hahaha, joking2 XD
But then again, it's the creators of the flash page who taught us how to bully them!! LOL >=D