Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Last Week of Holidays

Sorry for not updating this blog for more than a week... it's mainly because I didn't have the mood to write, muahahahaha... So today I'll just give a summary of what's been going on for the past week =P

I spent most of the time slacking at home actually, hehe... Especially last weekend when it rained a lot and the weather was rather colder for a few days. I played a bit of video games, watch tv, read comics... but I definitely slept a lot, nyahaha... Oh, a few days ago I also finally went for a dental check-up (after not going for quite long, lol). My teeth are generally fine, but there's one problem... which is caused by one single stupid wisdom tooth! To cut a long story short, it has to be removed! The dentist explained why and how, etc... "It doesn't have to be removed immediately, but the day will come", she said in the end... Just thinking about it is freaking me out! WAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< ...and so I was rather depressed for the rest of that day... I don't try to imagine the whole process much now, but still have to keep mentally prepared... for 'the day that will come'. Sobz.. T_T

Moving on to the happier stories, lol... What else did I do for the rest of the week? Well, a few days ago was my sis (Lidya) 17th birthday! Since it was a weekday, we just had a simple birthday dinner at home. I always love the birthday noodles that my mom cooks, yum yum... =P The day after that, I went for a 5-hour Kbox session with Waifong and Kenneth (I think Jinny was also coming at first but she couldn't make it in the end). It was the first time that I sang for so long (with breaks in between, hehe..), however it was so fun that time passed by much quicker than I expected! Then again, the after-effect was quite evident when we had dinner after that, because I almost lost my voice when we all talked and talked, hahaha... guess I didn't drink enough then ^_^; But I definitely had a great time! Looking forward to our next Kbox session, whee~ (don't know when, but I'm still looking forward to it)

I spent the next few days tidying up my stuff in my room, which is not really completed yet but almost, heh... and yesterday I finally found out the result of the electives allocation for the new semester - I've got my first-choice elective! Yipeee~ It's called 'Interactive Media Workshop I'. I definitely will enjoy it no matter how heavy the workload is (I hope, lol...) So now my timetable's quite finalized - I still couldn't get a less than 5-day week timetable, haiz... However, my classes are spread out quite fine, and there's only one day every week that has an 8.30 AM class - which also means I don't have to wake up too early for the rest of the week, muahahahaha.... XD

A few stuff happened today. Firstly, my sis decided to celebrate her birthday today by having BBQ with her classmates. About 15 ppl came, I think, and there were lots of food prepared! I only took a few sticks of sausages and crab-sticks, and also a bit of corn, because I didn't want to end up gaining more weight, hehehe... Judging on my current 'situation', I seriously need to exercise more... argh! Oh wellz -_-

Later in the evening, my other sis, Linda, and I went to meet my dad at Kinokuniya, since we thought that the 20% discount promotion ends today. But when we arrived there, we found out that the offer ends on 7 August intead, lol... Fyi, the promotion's called '
KINOKUNIYA PRIVILEGE CARD - 3RD ANNIVERSARY MEMBERS' EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION!' Yup, it's for members only. If you are not a member yet, however, you can still apply for the privilege card in any of the bookshop. Click on the pic below for more details.

Picture courtesy of

My purchase for the day is: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle artbook! Including the cover art, content and the free clear file, there's a total of 80 beautiful full-colour illustrations, whee~ Finally another illustration book added to my collection, hehe... *sitting in front of the book shelf and say, "Preciousssssss"* Below are a few shots of the book (didn't take any pictures of the content because it's quite thick, don't want to damage it by opening it too wide, kekeke...).

Front cover - Syaoran & Sakura

Back cover - Kurogane, Fye & Mokona

The clear file that goes with it XD

When I was out, I found out that there's an Indonesian Fair at Civics Plaza, Takashimaya. There were a few booths featuring arts and crafts from Indonesia (it was quite late when I checked it out so I only took a peek). And according to my dad, there were a few dance performances and a fashion show today. The fair will still go on tomorrow, if I'm not wrong.. will be going there to check out more of the activities, and hopefully more performances. Will blog about it tomorrow if I'm home early, hehe...

Until then, ta ta for now~ =D

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