Monday, 23 July 2007

Booth Artists Collaboration

Last week during Day 3 of Cosfest, there was this A4-sized paper being circulated around for booth artists who were present to leave their mark on (ie. just draw and sign), sort of like a collaboration piece. To my delight, it's finally posted in the art forum! Yayyyy~ Can you find which one's mine? =P

The above pic was scanned and posted online by Lancer (don't know his real name, hehe..). To see the complete listing of the artists' drawings in the collab, check it out here ^_^

3 comments: said...

hoho number 3 is your trademark picture! said...

okay i just realised got a lot of number 3 -.- it's the one next to number 5!

Listya said... - got a lot, meh? only got two, wad, haha... The other one's my friend's, she was at the same booth and thus the same number =P

So the winner is:!

But no award, muahahahaha XD