Friday, 13 July 2007


Live from office! Just taking a 10 minute break before I tackle a 'not-so-easy-to-listen-to' recording, lol... Nicole kidnapped.. I mean 'catnapped' my cat sculpey, don't know what she's doing to it now in the other room, sobz... T__T

On a side note, I want to show you Nathan's personal website (He's my nephew, btw.. My cousin's first-born whose whole family are also currently living in sg). He's not even 1 year old yet and he has a homepage already. Power, siah! Dun play play, hor XD His website basically contains his diary, progress, family pics etc. It's a cute website, so do drop by there and take a peek:

I've also added his website to my links section at the side. Ok la, back to work! =P

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