Monday, 23 July 2007

A weekend of 21st Birthdays

The past weekend I went for two different 21st Birthday celebrations, two days in a row! Hahaha...Met different groups of people on both days, but both parties were enjoyable =)

On Saturday, it was Jinny's birthday party. I met Waifong and Gin at the mrt station, then the three of us headed to her house. It's supposed to be not a very long walk, but somehow we ended up making a few cuts and turns, walked in a big circle. Good thing we bumped into Sarah along the way, or we would've walked completely the opposite direction, lol... but even so, we still had to walk a BIIIIG circle until we finally reached our destination. The whole journey took quite a long time...we actually walked from when there was still sunlight until dark! Hahaha... XD

In the party we met quite a number of familiar faces, mostly from NTU. Good food, great company - really enjoyed myself there. There was even a pool table and karaoke room there, so everyone had something to do if they're not just sitting around and chatted with one another (too bad I was too shy to join the karaoke group there, just sat and watched the others singing away, hehe...). Thanks Jinny for inviting us to your party, and hope you had as much a great time, or even a greater time there ^_^

I managed to take a few pictures there. There was also a DD group picture and a group picture of everyone in the function room, but not in my camera, haiz... will go after Jinny for those pics and update them here =P So here's what I have~

All were taking turns for group pictures
(seems that Waifong and Gin caught me taking this pic, oops =P)

Since it wasn't our turn yet, let's take our own pics, kekeke...
Here's Waifong & I

Joel & Gin

Overview of one side of the function room
(quite a lot of people, right?)

A group pic with the birthday girl before we head home

Now moving on to Sunday evening, this time it's Mingzhi's birthday. He actually also invited our class people from yj, unfortunately many were busy with work and other stuff... so in the end only three of us went for his party: me, Yixuan and Nas. Oh well, it's better than nothing, hehe... Again, it was slightly raining o our way to his house, and we had to searched quite a bit for the place.. But this was not as bad as the misadventure in the previous day - The day before, we had to walk around a neighbourhood. Whereas this time, we were walking in circles in a carpark building! Wahahaha... and good thing we didn't have to walk for too long =P

Other than our group, Mingzhi also invited (I think) his secondary school friends, and the majority there were his family and relatives. We could see how close the members of his family are that evening. All of us ate and watched a hong kong drama on tv. I've watched that series before, so I know the whole story, hehehe... and good thing it has English subtitles, if not most prob Nas would be quite lost there XD

So thanks Mingzhi for the great time, although the majority of our classmates couldn't make it, heh... I also took a few pictures there, but just gonna upload one group pic here:

210 cum Computing class group =)

Ah, and before I end this entry, we found something interesting hanging on Mingzhi's room door. Also took a pic of it, just to share with all of you (click on the thumbnail for a clearer view). Enjoy~

so which one are you? =P

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