Friday, 13 July 2007

Simple and Clean

The title above is not referring to the song 'Simple and Clean' by Utada Hikaru, but rather my latest blog template, kekeke... Yes, again I changed it! And this time it's just a simple one, currently without any beautiful graphics as header etc. Why? Well, although I liked the previous skin's header, I felt that the whole layout itself was too narrow (or maybe it's just me, lol). So for now, this is the layout that I'm using =P

Time really flies, and very soon it'll be the weekends again! While continuing to work as usual, I've been making more preparations for my booth in Cosfest 2007 finale this Sunday. Gotta make more of my cat sculpeys. Oh, and I've found a way to improve it's stability, so that they can rest on more types of surfaces without sliding too easily, wheee~ A few friends have also shown some interest in them, so I have to make them even nicer than the previous batch! (^0^)

The project that I'm involved in, which is the voice collection and transcribing, is going to be wrapped up very soon, hopefully by early next week. The initial plan was to complete everything by this Friday, but we have to verify the voice samples again for the last time before submitting them, that's why it's necessary to extend... I was hoping that we could enjoy the rest of the holidays next Monday onwards, but oh well... Gotta make sure that we've done a good job before saying, "It's a wrap!" - So hang on, ppl~

Aiya, look at the time! I'd better hit the sack now if I want to wake up on time for work, lol... Tata for now, then (^_^)V

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