Friday, 20 July 2007

20.07.2007 & The Four Meme

I didn't realize the significance of today's date until I met my dad and sisters after work earlier this evening.

Dad: "Do you know that today's a special day?"
Me: "Eh? What day is it?"
Dad: "It's 20.07.2007 (read twenty O seven, twenty O seven) - Double twenty O seven!"
Lidya: "Pa... you've said that 3 times today..."

Apparently he said exactly the same thing to my sis at home and to his friend on the phone, then to me, hahaha... XD

An update about work: Today we've finally finished transcribing and reviewing all of the voice samples! Yaaaayyyyyyyyy~ Which also means it's the end of our work for this project - ie. it's the last day of work! It's a huge relieve to have completed going through hundreds of voice samples to be sent to the research centre, not a small achievement indeed~ Although we had to extend our working period to another week due to the shortage of manpower, we've done a great job here.

I worked a bit slower today than usual, so there was actually one last batch unreviewed and it was almost 6 pm! In the end the work's divided into 3 smaller parts, and Nicole and Eugene helped to clear everything before we called it a day. Soooo sorry had to trouble the two of you after you've done a lot of work yourselves... and thanks so much! Its been a pleasure working with you all this holidays. Ah, and also not forgetting Theresia and Junyien, although the both of you stopped working earlier.

Working the last 2 months certainly had its ups and downs, but it's still a fun and memorable experience. Gonna miss going to the office everyday... and also searching for different food to have for lunch everyday, lol... Looking forward to meet you all again at school~

Speaking of school... now I have exactly 2 weeks left to do other stuff in this holiday before school reopens in August! Don't really have a fixed plan of how to spend my time during that period... but one thing for sure... I gotta clean up my stuff in my room soon, hehehe... there's a mountain on my table now.... didn't get to sort them out, so I'd better do so before I'm busy again with school stuff, muehehe.. =P

A few days ago, I found out that Nicole has tagged me again... Zzzzz... thanks a lot, hor.. Hahaha, joking2. I'm not unhappy about this =D Good thing it's quite simple, hehe... I promised her that I'll do it in my next blog entry, so here it goes~

The Four Meme

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1) Student (duh)
2) Game characters designer (very short & brief, lol)
3) Research Assistant
4) Freelance artist? (currently not really a paying job... just helping some friends, hehe..)

Four places I have lived:
1) Jakarta
2) Central Singapore
3) In a small tent at Kota Tinggi (2 nights)
4) A computer lab at YJC (1 night)

Four places I have been on vacation:
1) Bandung
2) Bali
3) California
4) Singapore (that's before I moved here, nyahaha..)

Four of my favourite foods:
1) Ramen/Noddles
2) Tempura
3) Carrot cake
4) Sweets

Four places I would rather be right now:
1) my bed
2) laying down on top of a mountain/hill looking at the stars~
3) Kinokuniya, or any bookshop that sells comics XD
4) cinema (I wanna watch Transformers, Harry Potter, Paprika, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.... so many movies.... GYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!)

Four friends I would like to tag:
1) Hendri (I know Nicole has tagged you also, so you only need to do this once! See, I so nice, ohohohoho...)
2) Patricia
3) Nasrul
4) Jinhua

I think I gonna play Pangya now...before I sleep... long time never touch that game, kekeke... Toodles~ (^-^)

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