Monday, 9 July 2007

210 Gathering & Cosfest 2007 (Day 1)

A very busy week, yes it was! Lots of stuff happened, had to run here and there everyday, but all of the happenings were good things, hehehe... Won't be blogging about every single day of this week, though, too much to write about =P

I spent most of today just relaxing at home and watching Live Earth, a 24-hour concert held in 8 cities - namely New York, London, Sidney, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Shanghai & Hamburg. This concert's part of the move to create awareness about the crisis in our dear Earth, which will get even worse if all of us don't do anything about it... sad but true... Lots of great performances, interesting short films... really enjoyed myself watching them, and was reminded again of the crisis, at the same time. You can find out more in, and you can also view the concerts if you missed them in . I do hope that more people have opened their eyes and became more aware of the crisis; OUR crisis - Answer the call!

The rest of this entry would mainly be about my class gathering a few days ago and day 1 of Cosfest yesterday. Therefore it will be divided into 2 sections, plenty of pics XD

Thursday, 5 July 2007

This evening 'flew' straight from my workplace to Marina Square, to have a dinner gathering with my dear friends from JC. After having the gathering canceled quite a number of times for the past month, we finally had one today, hehehe... Not a bad turnout, it was - a total of 9 of us went for the gathering (this is considered not bad, lol). Those who appeared were (in alphabetical order): Farid, Kama, Nas, Lorraine, Pat, Sham, Shad and last but not least Shiva ^_^

After walking around in search for a place to eat in, we finally settled down in Swensen's. The prices there are rather 'ah-hem'... but once in a while I guess it's ok =P All of us just chatted away, catching up with what we all have been up to these days, joked and laughed like crazy! Especially Kama, he made us laugh and (almost) barf so much, haha... Farid has to fly back to Perth tomorrow and the next time he's back in sg would probably be end of this year... we gonna miss ya~ (especially Shiva, ohohoho... *hides*).

So it was a great and fun night, hope that we'll have our next gathering soon. Took a lot of pics, too, and here are some of them =D

Pat, Shiva, Sham & Shad

The only guys this evening: Kama, Nas & Farid

Kama thinking extremely hard to make the right choice...of food XD

The OOHs and AAHs~

Me & Lorraine

I wonder why Shiva's looking at Kama that way =\

Pat & Shiva

Shad & I

Nas & Farid - my ex-bodyguards (...nah, they bullied me a lot, too)

The cute Lorraine & the oblivious Kama

Me & Mommy Shiva

Settling the bill...

Now, a group pic~

Me & Sham, my pet parrot =P

This pic's spoiled because of Kama's tiny muscle, haiz..

Me, Shad & Kama

Saturday, 7 July 2007

07/07/07 - a unique day, it might be even cooler if it's a Sunday, too (get it? XD). Definitely there are couples who had chosen today for them to walk the aisle, duh... Today we are also witnessing the start of Live Earth concerts. Hundreds of music artists performed brilliantly in all of the 8 cities (I missed most of the first part of the performances on TV because I was in Cosfest, sobz).

And yes, today also marked Day 1 of Cosfest 2007 at Takashimaya! The event was also part of Tanjong Pagar GRC Fiesta, in which the guest-of-honour was none other than MM Lee Kwan Yew, thus the security was particularly strict for such an event. I had to let the police scan through my bags before I could go in and find my table, lol... It's rather warm this afternoon, so I decided not to wear my unusual outfit and put on a t-shirt and pants instead, hehe...

The number of cosplayers that I saw today are not as many as I thought it would be... but I'm sure the number will explode sky-high next week! XD Today, other than the cosplay competition, there were also dance performances. I also managed to catch a glimpse of MM Lee giving his speech, but it's quite far from my booth which was right at the other end... As for the booth? The sales were definitely great for SS's artworks, while I sold a few (I mean very few) of my clay figurines, which is quite expected, lol.. at least now I understand better about what people wants and know I have a better idea of what to bring next week =P

By the end of the event, we got to know a few other artists and booth owners. I even got to trade 2 of my clay figurines with another artist's artwork, yay~ Another fun day have passed and I'm looking forward to the finale next week ^_^

Now for the pics, enjoy~

Our booth

Overview of the crowd

Lelong lelong~

MM Lee Kwan Yew giving his speech

We have long hair, whee~ (what kind of comment it that? XD)

Other booths near ours

Kitty drooling at Cloud Strife *slurp*

The only cosplayer whose picture I took today (will take more next week, hehe) =P


A salsa fiesta to end the day with

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