Sunday, 2 March 2008

Photographs Overload!

Aaahhhh... Finally I've posted the majority of the backdated entries here, phew~ There are actually a few more, but the pics are already uploaded in facebook, so I won't double-post here, nyahahaha...

Each entry have lots of pics and some of you may not be interested to look through each and everyone of them.. So for your convenience, here are direct links to the entries that I've just uploaded. You may click on those that may interest you and view them. But if you don't mind can just scroll down and read one by one la, hahaha.. XD

- Enchanting Indonesia

- Gals Day Out to Sentosa

- INT210 Exhibition Day

- MINT Museum of Toys

- Noise Singapore 2007

- Singapore Airshow 2008

- Long time No See~

PEACE~ (^0^)V


Hendri said...

Whoah... I looked away (from your blog) for a while and the next thing I knew: WHAM! 8 new posts.

Anyway, nice pics! Did you get to board the A380? A lot of the exhibits (like the flight sim) were being taken down already by the time I went there on Sunday. :(

Listya said...

hendri: It's to make up my 4 months absence, mah! Nyahahhaha... XD

Thanks2!! Nah, I didn't get to board it, but it was flying really low then and it's really huge!

They already start to take down the exhibits before the event ends?!?! Sianz... So how was ur own trip to the airshow? Got pics? =P

Hendri said...

it was great! watching the black knights and the a380 dancing in the skies was well worth the money spent. My pics are here, but I haven't got the time to actually blog about it. :P