Sunday, 2 March 2008

Long Time No See~

Hello all!!!!!

So yup, very long time no see!! Have decided to start blogging again after being busy at times and have no mood to write at other times for the last few months, lollll...

So what have I been up to these days? For those who didn't know yet, I've been doing my Industrial Attachment (IA) since early January at Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). The office I'm working at is located in Changi Airport itself! As for my job scope, the only IT-related work would be dealing with accident databases - designing and creating a DB system (which I havn't starter yet, hehehe...). Other than that, what I've been doing are not much related to what I've learnt in SCE!

However, the working experience so far is great and eye-opening. The people I work with (or work for) are a very very interesting lot, in a good way that is. They are also very nice to work, talk and hang out with. Won't write the detailed experience now, because too many many stuff have happened although it's only been almost 2 months, hahaha... (If you want to hear more stories, will share with you if we meet next time, keke...) All I can say is: I really like my IA here so far and looking forward to see, hear and do many more exciting things until it ends in early June (the only thing I'll be worried about is my log book and report, lol). Honestly, now I prefer this working life more than schooling.. probably because I'm already feeling tired of studying for exams in school for so many years (yesh, I hate exams to the core! Raaaaaa!!!!). Would still have another year after IA before I finally graduate, definitely looking forward to it, kekeke... =P

Ah, I've been leaving my laptop in the office during the weekdays because I don't want to carry it to and fro every day, so most probably I'll only be updating this blog in the weekends. Now I don't go online so often too, since I don't have internet connection in the office, and the only way to go online would be either to use my supervisor's computer or go to the transit area and use the free internet there, hehehe...

I've posted the pics that I took in the recent Singapore Airshow 2008 in the previous entry - one of the many great things that I've experienced this year. Hopefully I'll be able to post the pther backdated pics soon, got a whole bunch of them saved as draft entries, lol...

And before I go, here are a few pics in the office that I have so far. The first 2 were taken by myself in the first few days, while the rest were taken when a few other interns from TP were leaving a month ago(I'm the only NTU student in that office, btw.. meh~). Ciaoz for now~ ^_^

My desk

A reflective safety vest - must be worn at the airside

Working? Playing games la, LOL XD

Trying to act cool~

A few of those working here
(the rest were not in this pic, and 1 still putting on make-up behind us, hahaha..)

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