Sunday, 2 March 2008

Singapore Airshow 2008

I never went to the previous Airshow, that's why this time round I really wanted to go.. Asked my supervisor and some other people in the office for a ticket for the trade day show, didn't manage to get my hands on one until the very last last minute, lol.. During the 4 day long Trade Days, different groups from our office took turns to go to the Airshow (all couldn't go at the same time and leave the office empty, hehe..). So on Thursday (21 Feb), after a bit of running around to grab my registration form, (very) fortunately I got it and our group headed to Changi Exhibition Centre. Yay!!!! \(^0^)/

Unlike the Public Days, the crowd that time was still manageable, so it was still easy for us to walk around and watch the displays. The sky was quite clear too, which allowed to sun to shine on full power! I actually brought my cap, but the venue was just beside the sea,so the wind was so strong that my cap would've flown away if I were to put it on, lol... Good thing I rolled down my long sleeves, or else my hands would be half-black-half-white (but of course my face was still sunburnt, meh~) >_<

Onto the day's programme: First stop was to check out the Aerobic Flying Displays. One of the the most impressive ones was the performance by the Black Knights. Hmmm, hard to describe it here, but all I said while watching the amazing aerobatics were "Oooo!", "Woah!!!" and "Waaa!", hahaha... The
maneuvers that the team of 6 F16-C Fighting Falcons are also simulated here, but it's definitely nothing compared to seeing it your own eyes! I took a video of them instead of pics, but the file's too big so I can't post it up here, kekeke =P

After the Black Knights were a few other solo displays of fighter planes, which were rather boring.. Ah, one thing that I've learnt when watching such shows: wear sunglasses! I looked up directly at the bright sun for waaaaay too long that my eyes were feeling extremely uncomfortable for the next few days, urgh... =S

Then before we were going to step into the exhibition hall, a gigantic A-380 soared close above us! It was so damn huge, I tell you!!! Managed to take a few pics of it while it flew around above us (but I only posted 3 of the best ones here). Inside the exhibition hall were many booths set up by different companies. The designs of the booths were really nice. Unfortunately, the people that I was with walked through the exhibition quite fast, partly because we had to go back to office quite soon... I just stopped to take one or two pics, and they're far in front already... so I could only take very quick and not so many shots then.. didn't even get to check out and grab the free gifts, haiz... Luckily one of them also wanted to take pics of the aircrafts exhibits outside, so I tagged along and managed to take some more pics. After a quick walkabout the outdoor exhibits, it was time to go back already.

Overall I was quite satisfied attending the Airshow, although I didn't manage to take more time to shoot better pics, hehe... I did read that people who went during the Public Days complained a lot about the event though, mostly due to the crowd and transport. So anyone who went, how's your experience there? =D

And here are some of the better pics that I took that day. Enjoyz~ ^_^

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