Sunday, 2 March 2008

INT210 Exhibition Day

Here are the pics taken during my elective's Exhibition Night, where several interactive art installations done by students were exhibited in the ADM building. Most of the exhibits were good and interesting, and thecrowd that evening was better that I expected, hehe... I also had a lot of fun 'playing' with the other groups' art installations. After all, they're 'interactive media', so the point is for the audience to use and interact with them.

My group's work? Here's a write-up for it:

"The world has been changing due to the rise of technology. The actions that humans have done affect the environment greatly, whether positively or negatively.

These changes can be observed not only visually but audibly as well - sounds that could be heard in the urban environment today can reflect the changes that the environment has experienced. However,there are still may people who do not pay much attention to those changes. Hence, we want to create the awareness of sound in the space we inhabit in this project.

This video installation is about how the environment and its soundscape is changing due to what humans have been doing - due to progress - which is reflected through generating and changing urban environment sounds due to a person's movements."

The good news is that the people who interacted with our exhibit could interpret the message behind it even without reading the write-up pasted up in the studio! We received very good feedback for our exhibit, so it definitely made all the sweat, blood and tears shed while making the whole thing worthwhile, haha... A very fulfilling and memorable experience ^_^

Prof. Ken recording our art installation in the studio

"So do I just walk here?"

The visuals generated
Guess which one is my silhouette? =P

The write-up

The next few pics are some of the projects done by other groups.

And here's our group (from the left): Lawrence, me, Fiona and Matthias. Thanks so much for all the hard work, great team work, and also all of the fun and laughter we've shared throughout the production of our project. Cheers to you all~ =D

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