Sunday, 5 August 2007

Backdated Pics

Yup, I went to the Indonesian Fair earlier today. But I've just reached home not long ago and I took too many pics of the event, so will resize and post them here tomorrow instead, kekeke =P

For this entry, I'll post some backdated pics, hehe... I finally got the rest of the pics of Jinny's birthday, and here are the group pics ^_^

So many people!!!!

DD Group XD

There's a similar pic in one of my previous entries,
but I think this is better, lol

While I'm posting backdated pics, figured that I'll also include the pics from Shiva's 21st birthday last June, nyahaha...

What are they discussing? =\

Kit with her new short hair! @0@

Shiva & her cute niece

Look at how happy the birthday girl is~

Makan time!!!

Don't know how many close-ups of Sham I've taken to-date, lol

The giant birthday card!!!

Kama trying to act cool once again
(*Note: Bhara already drank more than 3/4 of the bottle before this pic's taken)

A small group pic before some of us leave

And before I go to sleep, below are some pics that I took during work about a month ago (*Note: the pics has nothing to do with work at all, hahaha...). It's time to go to school again tomorrow! So most probably I won't be posting as much as the past 3 months of holiday, hehe... Oh well, shall see how it goes. Until next time then XD

Ready.... FIGHT!

Discovery of the orange jellybean!

Oh no you don't! I won't let u get away with the whole jellybean!
F I G H T !!!

Oh no!!! He devoured the jellybean!

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