Friday, 10 August 2007

Pizza Hut & Rush Hour 3

After school today, Yixuan and I met Kit, then we went to Pizza Hut at Jurong Point for lunch, wheee~ We ordered the $5.95 Lunch Express sets (student price, of course! kekeke...). Other than enjoying our lunch (cum dinner, in my case), we talked about our first week of the semester - all the funny and weird stuff, etc. It's really amazing, week 1 has ended!!! Time has passed too quickly once again, haha... XD

Here are some pics taken during lunch~

Yixuan & Kit - both in white =P

Pepsi & Soup of the Day (a bit too watery, but taste nice)

Yixuan's Hawaiian Pizza

Kit's Pasta (sorry, forgot the name, hehe..)

My Peps 'N' Spice *yum yum*

Hut's Platter - shared among us ^_^

Then in the evening I watched Rush Hour 3 with my dad and sis. Cineleisure was so damn packed! Both outside and inside the building. There were actually 2 queues formed near the 1st floor's lift area, probably to control the crowd using the lifts - so we took the long way up via the escalators, haiz..

Now about the movie. Lots of hilarious jokes throughout the whole screening, even the bloopers shown in the credits (usually shown in most of Jackie Chan's movies) were highly entertaining, lol.. I really laughed a lot tonight - probably too much... It seems that there so much humour was put into the movie that the thrill during the car chase and fighting scenes, for example, didn't get into me much.. I would've liked the movie a bit better if I didn't laugh that much while watching the 'supposed-to-be' thrilling scenes.

Two words to describe the storyline - quite predictable (there was only one unpredictable part of the movie, but shall not leave any spoilers here, hehe..). The plot's not developed deep at all in the movie, it's rather simple. Quite disappointed with the story, but other than that, I guess the movie managed to relax my nerves with all of the humour after the first week of school, haha...

So if you're looking for a great plot and action, don't watch it! BUT if you still want to watch it anyway, waiting for the VCD would do fine too =P


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