Thursday, 9 August 2007

Happy National Day!

A shout-out to Singapore: HAPPY 42ND BIRTHDAY!!!

Haha, that's right! Today Singapore celebrates its 42nd National Day. I didn't go out at all today, so I don't know what it's like outside. Unlike the last few years, this time I didn't get to see NDP or even its preview in the flesh, sobz... so I only watch it on TV today T_T

It's definitely different in many ways, especially since it's held at Marina Bay. Although the venue doesn't hold as many spectators as in the National Stadium, the whole place including the huge floating stage looks great. All of the performances - dances, army showcase, music - are even more fantastic! The whole event made good use of the water surroundings, like having beautiful fountains here and there, having a lighted boat sail from the other side towards the stage, huge lighted balloons representing colourful jellyfish flying over the waters... Pity that I didn't get to experience everything there, but I still enjoyed the whole event at home, hehe... ^_^

This week is also my first week going back to school. It's great to see more of my friends so far. On top of that, a few of them who already finished their NS period have joined us in NTU this semester! I've met a few of my JC classmates, and also those who were in different classes last time and I didn't expect to meet in NTU, hahaha...

As for the classes... so far so good, not bad. Mostly are introductions to the new modules and what's expected of us for the semester. Regrettably, I actually dozed off during the last few minutes of 3 lectures already... AAAAAaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! That's not good at all... don't know is it because I was really sleepy or the lecturers are too boring, but I definitely was paying attention before I was suddenly thrown into dreamland, lol.. Hopefully I won't sleep as easily for the rest of the semester. CAFFEINE TO THE RESCUE!!! >=D

Last Tuesday I also attended the very first lesson for my elective. The area of studies for this module itself is already interesting, and we're expected to make our own interactive art installation as our final project! How cool is that? Haha... It won't be easy of course, but will try my best and hope will learn more and more new skills. And maybe I can get some ideas for my FYP in 4th year? Ohohohoho... XD

I shall end this entry here then. The pictures from the Indonesian fair are almost ready, will post them here as soon as possible, hehe... Good night~ =)

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