Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The Exams are Here Again

Exams in NTU started this week, and many muggers have conquered the study areas and tutorial rooms around the school. I was lucky bcoz Atie & Imran reached school earlier & got a tutorial room to study in, so I joined them for the day, kekeke... Have lots to catch up on..but will try my best to revise everything on time =P

Yesterday at the carpark, after Atie & I went to buy 'supplies' from 7eleven (hehe..), I saw this car with what seemed like a red and yellow doll inside (saw it from the back at first). I thought, "hmm..maybe it's a chicken doll..". As i walked towards the front of the car, found out that it was a yellow duck. "So what's the red thing on top of it?". I looked above it, & there was an Elmo doll. After that, I looked at the bigger picture, & behold~

CHILDREN'S ICON WENT WRONG!!!! Wahahahaha.....almost fainted when I saw this. Naughty naughty Elmo, tsk tsk tsk XD

There are lots of other funny things that one could encounter around the school.. Like the time when I saw a YELLOW motorcycle, opposite a YELLOW car, on top of a double YELLOW line, hahahaha... Too bad I didn't have my camera with me that particular day. Oh, and check out what I found at NIE when after I had lunch there last week.

If you can't see it clearly, it's actually a big blue garbage bin below the CashCard Top Up Station sign, hehe... There are many other things that I saw not only in school, but everywhere else! So keep your eyes peeled wherever you go, you'll never know when you'd encounter unusual things. These kind of stuff could make your life & whatever's around you more interesting, ya? ^_^

Oh geez, I better pack up my stuff & make my way to library@orchard now to get a table, or else I'll have to try study at home & most probably will end up sleeping the whole day, lolz... Good luck to all who're having exams!!! =D

Until next time then (^0^)V

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