Wednesday, 25 April 2007

2 down, 3 more to go~

2 papers down, and 3 more to go!!! Finally I've tackled down CPE207 and GD02 within 2 consecutive days, hohoho... My exams schedule's rather crazy this semester: 2 papers this week back-to-back, 3 papers next week also back-to-back! Good thing my first paper started in the second week of exams period, so I have more time to study, hehe... but I still haven't touched 2 core subjects...gonna touch 1 shortly, hopefully can finish studying all before next wednesday >_<
So far so good - should be able to pass CPE207, but not sure about scoring high overall, lol... and today's GD02 paper's not so difficult, the first time I'm having an evening paper, haha.. However, my mind actually went blank for the first 10-15 minutes when I was goin to attempt the first question, which is design analysis.

It was a National Geographic print catalog, and what baffled me was the huge headline that said, "Indelible." I was like, what the hell does indelible mean?!?!?! I've never seen such a word before!!! (my english vocab's not so powerful, mind you) So that single alienic word shocked me to the core, and as a result I suddenly didn't know what to write AT ALL! I stared and stared and stared, finally I decided to call the prof and asked her (wasn't sure whether we're allowed to do that, but it was worth a try). Thankfully she whispered to me, "cannot be erased". Then I look at the design again, which is mainly a picture of a fully tattooed body, and I saw the light!!! At that very instant I knew exactly what to write and my answer booklet started to fill up, lol...

I actually spent slightly more than 1 hour to complete that 40 marks question (I wrote 4 pages, hehe), and I only had 1 more hour left to answer 2 questions weighting 30 marks each!!! So I speed-write whatever I could come up with within that last 1 hour, and times up! Not sure how many marks my answers could gain me, but I wrote as much as I could. Overall it's an 'ok' paper, it's just that I wasted too much time on the first question alone... Hopefully it's enough to get me a good overall marks, including my project grade.

The paper ended at 7 pm, and now my fingers are stiff and a bit painfull, thanks to the speed-writing that I did earlier. I won't write anymore for the rest of the night! Muahahahaha... Even typing this entry is causing some slight discomfort in my fingers, it's never been this bad #___#

So yupz, 3 more papers to go, all of them are core subjects (ie. killers). Shall read a textbook now before I head home (yeah I'm still at school)... and I won't write any notes! Kekeke... Wish me luck & cheerio~

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