Friday, 13 April 2007

Almost the end of the Semester

So sorry for the slow update! The last few weeks had been filled with lab demos preparations, reports, presentation, deadlines, deadlines & deadlines.. This semester is the WORST one I've had so far, due to all of the assignments and deadlines that are squeezed in 2 consecutive weeks (total of 3 lab demos, 1 project + presentation, & 1 report, phew..). It also causes the worst stress that I've ever experienced! A mad rush running from one lab to another, trying to complete all assignments on time, lack of sleep (even when I sleep it's mostly on the sofa) & forgot to eat at times because I was way too busy (but hey! I lost 1 kg, lolz XD ). I thought that I'd never complete everything on time & made a job well done... Fortunately all turned out well in the end - completed the preparation for all lab demos & didn't do badly, completed the designs for my art elective & the presentation ended on a good note, and also did whatever I could for the lab report (although I submitted it 1 day late, but don't care la =P ).

Another highlight of this semester is that I've made many new friends in my faculty, since a few of the labs are group work & I belong to 3 different tutorial groups! Previously I only know a few people in SCE, and I kept on wondering how come I know many more people from other faculties compared with my own.. That's why it's still a good semester for me in terms of getting to know more people & making new friends, hehehe... =)

Here are some group pics that I took with the different labs and elective groups that I'm involved in. There's still another one which I've yet taken picture of because the project ends only after 1 week following the exams period, but will definitely take a group picture then ^_^

GD02 Project Group

Uh... CPE206 Lab Group

and last but not least, CPE207 Lab Group (Cyberdyne Inc's Tracker team)

And so, all of the projects (except 1), lectures and tutorials for this semester have ended, and I finally can start to prepare for the coming exams. Will be having my first paper in 11 days, so I better buck up fast! Gyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! <(0[]0)>

Alright! Gotta sleep now, going to school early morning to continue with my DDP & watch lecture videos in the afternoon, hahaha......... So....... that's all, folks! XD

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