Friday, 8 June 2007

And the Results are.....

Finally the exam results are out!!! Tried my luck to check slightly after midnight, and my grades for the semester just appeared on my monitor - I passed all of my modules, whee~ So that means I don't have to repeat anything & am promoted to year 3!!!! I'm so happy now that I couldn't sleep, although I have to wake up early for work later, hehehe... If I didn't calculate wrongly, I've done better than last sem, so it's a great great great relieve, phew~ ^_^;

And yes, my part-time job also finally started from last Monday, it's been 4 days already now. For the next 10 days, I'll be stationed at IMM to collect the voice samples every day, including this weekend *sobz*. So far it's been a very interesting experience. The first day started off a bit slow due to the first time setup on site, and also was rather shy & afraid to approach passersby in that mall, hehe... We were supposed to get people to record their voices for the research for 10-15 minutes. After all the jitters and hiccups, everything went very well. The response was much better than I expected, lol... Indeed, the $10 compensation for the participants is a very attractive offer.

Many many people agreed to spend their time recording their voices for us - students, office workers, aunties, uncles, tai-tais, grannies, grandpas... People from all walks of life were there! Interacting with them has been very interesting, too. I've learnt many new things like how to approach people, how to convince them to participate, how to pull in the groups of people that we're targeting at, thought of new strategies to improve the response from time to time, a bit of admin skills... and I think the way I speak has improved, maybe just a bit, hahaha... As usual, I'm experiencing something that proved to teach me several new skills that could be useful in the future =)

There are quite a number of interesting observations on the way people behave or react so far. Unfortunately, I have to head to my bed now because, as I said in the first paragraph, I have to wake up early, and need to conserve my energy to survive through the rest of the week camping at IMM, lol... Ah, but before I leave, I'd like to take this opportunity to do a bit of an advertisement:

"Get $10 cash in just 15 minutes at IMM, level 2 (outside Kopitiam). All you have to do is let us record your voice while you read several short and simple sentences, and the $10 is all yours! Only for Singaporeans above 25 years old, until 13 June 2007 (everyday including weekend, 1230 - 2030 hrs). Only left 200+ voice samples needed out of the target of 500, so come on down before it's too late! See you there~"

Oh and by the way, the voice samples are to be used to develop a voice recognition system (which could recognise Singaporeans) and the research is conducted by a local research centre. Currently we really need especially more Malays and Indians' voice samples (but still need the ones from the Chinese community as well, hehe). So your support in this project will be greatly appreciated (^_^)

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