Sunday, 27 May 2007

5 Reasons Why I Blog

Few weeks ago, Pat tagged me and this time I'm supposed to list down '5 Reasons Why I Blog'. I've read what Pat have written for this tag herself, but she wrote quite a lot of stuff! I'm feeling a bit lazy now so will just keep each point short, hehehe... So here it goes:

1. Stories
Simply, I'd like to share my experiences with my friends & anyone who happen to come across my blog, especially the interesting ones...whether they're exciting, new, happy, sad, tragic (hopefully have none of this type, lol), funny, etc. I also write about any events that I attend or even participate in, also for practicing since I'm part of the Publications team in my school club and attended a few events in the process. Although I was only the photographer, I also want to tell stories about those events not just through pictures. I've learnt for the past year that write-ups are also important and they're not so easy to write, for me that is... Whatever I write may not of good quality, but will try my best to make them understandable and descriptive enough so that others could actually visualize what went on in the events =)

2. Share
Other than stories, I also like to share other interesting media that I come across. Sometimes videos, most often would be pictures (those that I took, of course). Hmmm, sometimes I take some pictures for my online art portfolio, also uploaded most of my artworks there. So if you want to take a look at those, they're in my deviantart page, can find the link at the side, kekeke...

3. Not to Forget
One of my greatest weaknesses... is that I'm super duper forgetful! I've forgotten most of my childhood, the stuff that I did in primary and secondary school, except for those with deep impression on me... I could even forget what I wanted to do or say 1 minute before! Hahaha... yah, that's how bad it is, which is one of the reasons why I don't do well in subjects that require more memorizing work, haiz... So hopefully by blogging I could record down...whatever I want to record down, hehe, I could look into my past entries whenever I want to remember some things... Btw, before started blogging, I originally take pictures often for this very purpose in the past. But now I also take pictures for publications and art purposes =P

4. Networking?
I don't know...currently I don't use my blogs to find new friends and contacts, it's mainly for sharing stuff with my current friends... But why not? Maybe someday, when I'm brave enough, I may join some local blog community and get to know more local bloggers, just like what some of my friends are already doing now. Then again, it may happen, it may not happen.. We'll just see how it goes~

5. Waste Time
Hahaha, I usually blog only when I have stuff to write about and when I have free time to spare. So maybe I also blog just to waste my time if I have nothing else to do? .....actually can just ignore this point, I'm just crapping because I myself am not sure what's the 5th reason I blog, muahahaha...

So those are the 5 reasons why I blog! Hmmm, I actually wrote much more than I intended to... thought I said I'll keep each point short, lol... Oh well~ Guess now I have to tag others, kekeke... Not sure how many people I'm supposed to tag, but I'll just choose these people as my victims, nyahahaha :

I think the last time I tagged Atie and Ashley, they didn't write anything... haiz... You'd better respond this time and write something! >=(

Btw, is this font size too big? Which is better? this or the one I used in the previous entry? Do leave your comments in the tagboard.

And thus I shall end this entry now. PEACE!!!

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