Thursday, 17 May 2007


Long time no post! The exams ended 2 weeks ago, and about less than a week ago completed my DDP. So now.... it's the holidays!!!! Yahoooo~ \(^0^)/ It almost felt that the semester would never end, but it's finally really over! Just hope that I won't have to repeat any of my core modules next semester *touch wood* >_< Edit: Somehow a big portion of this entry disappeared, and I don't remember all of what I wrote, waaaaaaaaa..... I've re-typed whatever I could remember of the missing pieces, but it's not as detailed.... so for those who read this entry for the first time...sorry, u missed quite a bit.. so please settle with what you see here now... T_T

So far this week, I've been trying to catch up with all the sleep that I missed for the past few months, play some video games, watch some animes, and even managed to complete a short flash animation for Pat. She's setting up a new online business with her friends, so she asked for my help to make an animation to promote it. In the past I've made simple animations before like for text, image transitions and other effects..but not character animation. This time, the video consists of short character animation scenes. It's quite a challenge, but I managed to make a simple character animation and the final video looked decent enough, hehehe... A good new experience, learnt new stuff & revised flash techniques after not using it much for quite some time, yeah~ Might be making a new deviantart avatar using flash, just a simple animation. Actually, I've been planning to change my deviantart avatar and ID pic but was too busy to make them, haiz... Will make sure I make them this hols, lol... During last year's hols, I was busy with rushing Digital Design stuff most of the time. But this year's different since I'm not involved in any event, so I should have more time to do my own thing, hehehe... It's not that I didn't enjoy DD... I miss the whole thing and also the people... *awwww* XD

On another note, I've also got a part time job. It's similar with what I did last year - voice sample collection and transcribing. But this time it's slightly different. The voice collection is not via phone conversation, but in a noisy indoor environment, like a mall for example. The voice samples will be used for some voice recognition project, if I'm not mistaken. My work will start either next week or the week after, so will still have some time left to rest before I get busy again then, hahaha...

Anymore interesting things happened lately? Well, there was another traffic accident occured near my place. Note the word 'another' - this is because such accidents occur quite frequently around here, especially at night.... Somehow quite a number of drivers like to speed here in the evening...don't know why... Anyway, this time it's a taxi vs a motorcycle. Seemed that the impact's quite strong, because the motorcycle was laying a few meters away from the taxi, and the front part of the taxi was crushed quite badly. What different with this particular accident? Before the taxi and motorcycle were towed away, my mother noticed that the last two digits of both their plates were identical - 13! A mere coincidence? Don't know, but it's quite scary when you think about it @_@

Ok, enough of the scary story, haha... Oh ya, I also went for a Photoshop CS3 Preview Seminar 2 days ago! ---------WARNING: This long paragraph mostly about stuff related to Photoshop and some other similar content. So if you're not interested to read this topic, you're welcomed to skip to the next paragraph ^_^ ---------
During the 2 hour seminar, the trainer didn't really talk about CS 3... but CS 3 'Extended' instead, lol... I did't know there's such a version before I went there, so it was quite a surprise. What's so different about CS 3 Extended? First of all, it includes an improved Adobe Bridge for file browsing, organizing and adding details to files. Secondly, there's an 'Auto align layer' function where Photoshop could align two similar pictures which are not really aligned exactly the same - this is really helpful especially in photography editing. The trainer demonstrated how to use that new function together with masking to edit a group picture. It's the solution to the common problem when I took group pictures and I sometimes want a better expression of one person's face in another similar but better version of the same group picture! (Don't know if you know what I'm talking about, so pardon me if you don't, hehehe...) There's also a special 'Black and White' function where we could modify a picture to a greyscaled one, but at the same time still able to apply other colour tones over it. It's different with changing the whole image into a greyscale mode, since in that case we can't apply colours over the image. There are a few more new and improved functions in CS 3 Extended, but the most notable one is the capability to support 3D files! We could actually import a 3D format file into Photoshop and add some lighting, rotate the 3D object, and even switch from shaded to wireframe mode! That would eliminate the hassle of taking a screenshot or exporting a flat image from a 3D software, then do some editing in Photoshop *drool*. Although it's a rather short 2 hour seminar, I got to know quite a lot of CS 3 Extended's new features and it made me want to get my hands on the software! Muahahahahaha.... well, at least I want to try it out somewhere someday XD

Quite a long entry there, hehehe... Will end here for now, gonna watch American Idol in a few minutes, wheee~ So tata for now and watch out for more of my holiday adventures! >=D

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