Saturday, 17 March 2007

SCE's Exclaim 6

Last Wednesday, 15 March, was my faculty's anniversary celebration - Exclaim 6. All classes in SCE were closed at 1030-1530 so that everyone in the school could join the celebrations. Even the labs were closed, so there's no hope for anyone to go there and rush their assignments, lolz... XD

So I had one lecture in the morning, a short discussion for one of my projects, then I headed there with Yixuan. First there're prize giving ceremony and performances in the auditorium. The crowd was...rather quiet for such an event (taken into consideration that only about half of the auditorium was filled, hehe..). As for the performances, there were dance and singing performances by UAN - a group/network of performing artistes. They were fine although not fantastic (no offence, I was hoping for something better). Ashley joined us halfway through the performances.

After that we headed outside the auditorium, where we collected our goodie bags and had a lunch buffet! There were also a few games and booths that sold accessories, IT gadgets (small ones), and the yogurt stall which appears around the school quite often (whee~). Bought a pair of dice-earings and a chain necklace. On top of that,we got to redeem free popcorn and cotton candy, long time never eat cotton candy, hehe... The crowd was bigger during the lunch buffet, but the size became noticeably smaller most probably because there were less food after some time, hahaha... XD

There were 2 pillars in the middle, covered with big pieces of paper, for people to write their thoughts and messages. Many sorts of messages and drawings were there, mostly are funny, had a great time laughing while examining each of them, lolz... I also left my mark there, didn't look so nice because I drew it low and didn't bother to squat down, hehe... I took a few pics of one pillar, see whether you can spot any written by you or your friends~ SCE student could definitely identify the jokes in them =P

One of the highlights that day was the very first SCE Idol. It was the semi-finals and only 4 contestants were on the stage. Only about 1-2 of them were quite good, though.. I heard that there were very few people went for the first auditions, probably less than 10 people! Maybe the reason for the poor turnout is that most of the students were too busy with school assignments, or they just couldn't bother with it at all, lolz...

Overall I had fun that day and managed to relax my nerves. I even participated in a group game, which turned rather violent towards the end, hahaha... This year's Exclaim was bigger than last year, although not all of the students were enthusiastic about it. A big round of applause to the organizers!!! Hopefully next year they'll think of ways to make more people stay longer for the celebrations. Cheers~