Saturday, 10 March 2007

The Launch!

Hi all! Welcome to my new blog!!! \(^0^)/

Before this I have another blog in multiply, but I got bored of the layout and finally decided to make another one here, hehe... With the nicer layout and blog-skin, maybe it'll motivate me to write more often =)

Just want to use this entry to welcome everyone & hope that you'd take a peek here once in awhile. I also have a tagboard in this blog, which I couldn't have in my multiply blog since only members could write messages. So feel free to drop a few lines there. But no spamming, please! Lol XD

Ah, you may notice that you have to scroll sideways instead of vertically. This unique layout is one of the main reasons why I chose this blog-skin. On that note, I'd like to applaud the creator (a link to her website's under the Credits section) for her creativity and the wonderful graphics! Wheeee~

That's all for now, I better sleep now, hehehe... Stay tuned for more updates here! (^_^)V

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