Saturday, 10 March 2007

IT Show 2007

This afternoon I went to the IT Show at Suntec, also to join my dad and sis who reached there first. Reached Suntec before noon, & the escalators were already packed with people who're heading there, too. Took the pic at the right after I went up to the 3rd floor, many people were still flowing in.

The IT Show's on the 4th floor. Not much difference with the previous IT events, where there're a number of companies selling their merchandises & most of them are on offer. Most of the companies that participated in the event are the big ones, like Sony, Canon, Samsung, Apple, Epson, Brother, LG, etc. I guess because the exhibition halls were just opened not long ago, that's why I still managed to look around and take pics. I still remember not being able to move due to the crowd in a few past events because I went there later.

My initial plan was to get a new pair of headphones, since my old ones got damaged, hehe... currently using the ones from my PSP, and they're rather short. But the ones that I spotted in the event were those that you have to plug into your ear...wanted one that I could clip onto my ear instead =P

Then I visited Brother's booth (actually not a booth la, it's a section). There I bought an electronic labeler & an extra tape for it, which was sold 20% off because I bought the machine, nyahahaha... On top of that, I got a free notebook and stick-notes, & a chance at a mini lucky draw. I dig deep into the box & retrieved an orange ball, which entitled me to either a free lazer pointer or webcam! The pointer's no use for me, so I decided to get the webcam for my sisters to use (I already have a webcam inbuilt in my laptop, kekeke...)

By that time, my dad & sis were already outside, & had to go home fast because she's going to have a tuition. So I pushed my way out of the exhibition hall (it was getting much more crowded then), met them & headed home. I went out only for a short time today, but I'm pleased with my purchase & free gifts, hehehe... And I also got to unwind a bit after being busy at school this week =)
A few minutes ago someone rang on my door, then I looked through the peep hole. There's a small boy in Scouts uniform standing outside! Was quite shocked, but I opened the door anyway. He asked whether there's any job needs to be done in the house. Being the first time I encountered this, the blur me answered, "Hah? Uh, don't have." Next he asked whether I could give a donation for under-privileged children, so I gave him $5 & signed his form. Seems that he has visited quite a number places, after looking at the list of donations & jobs that he has done in a few houses... Not sure whether he was on his way up or down my apartment building, but either way he's only halfway through the whole building since my place's on the 7th floor while the top level is the 14th. Good luck to that boy & his friends, & hope they don't get too tired on this warm day.

At first I thought my mom was sleeping, but she was actually watching the TV in her room. I told her about the scouts boy, & she told me to be more careful when I encounter those kind of stuff again because it could've been a fraud or something. True, I MIGHT have been tricked, the little boy could've charged in with a few bigger guys behind and rob the house (imagination going wild here, haha...). However, I would regret it even more if I don't donate at all & later find out that he was really just a scouts boy visiting several houses for jobs & donations to help the less fortunate children. Not saying that the boy's definitely cheated me, but I'd rather got cheated off a few dollars than missed the chance to help those in need. But I was already being cautious just in case - at least I didn't open the door too wide, just enough for my head to go through, lol... XD

Come to think of it, there are probably many other people who wouldn't trust such acts & wouldn't open the door at all, especially in today's society. People are becoming more & more cautious towards strangers & those who ask for donations. Trusting others becomes harder, whether outside the house, in offices, even in schools. Sad, but it's true nowadays... =(

Guess that's all for this entry. It's quite unusual that I blog about something immediately on the same day, lol... Gonna start doing some schools assignments after this, can't slack too much ^_^;

Also gonna have fun with my new electronic labeler, hehehe... Ciaoz for now~

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